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  1. OMG, badass Philly...I cant believe I couldnt find it, im usually who ppl ask to find them anything online. I had this print on my wall growing up and only had the picture left off an old phone. My dumb kid self cut the actual ad parts off before pinning it to my wall. I will totally take you up on that offer if you ever come across it. I know the one I had back then was the back cover for sure cuz it was glossy and just shy of cardstock quality. But any copy of it would be amazing, so I would be very grateful. 10yrs Vs 3days, lol.
  2. Everyone keeps telling me this is from "Dead Space" but I cant find it anywhere on the interwebs...been on the hunt for a clean digital copy for over 10 years. This is the only photo I have of it. I believe it was either EGM or Game Informer it came from and for sure the back cover.