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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I've been really busy the past few days. I don't mind if you have to destroy them to get scans, whatever it takes to preserve them. I think the Video Games and S.W.A.T. Pro magazines have stapled spines though, so maybe easier to deal with. PM me with an address and I'll send them off sometime within the next week. Also let me know if there's a preferred way to package them. I'm going to have to sort through the strategy guides when I get a bit more time but I'll post when I have the list ready.
  2. Hey, everyone. First off this is an amazing site. There's so much video game history in these magazines I think it will eventually be a matter of historical significance. Second, what's the best way to help if we have magazines that are missing from the database? I'm ok with shipping them out of pocket but if you guys are backlogged I could try to scan them myself. Just point me in the right direction (best way to package/ship, recommended scanner specs, etc). I've checked the database and I have these missing issues: Computer Games - February 2003 (No idea where this fits. I couldn't find the magazine in the database) Electronic Gaming Monthly - #74 - September 1995 EGM2 - #47 - May 1998 GamePro - #132 - September 1999 (Labeled RESCAN NEEDED in the database. Does this mean you need a better physical copy?) Official U.S. Playstation Magazine - #90 - March 2005 PSExtreme - #29 - April 1998 PSM - #69 - March 2003 S.W.A.T. Pro - #15 - January 1994 S.W.A.T. Pro - #18 - July 1994 Ultra Game Players - #103 - November 1997 (Labeled PRESERVED but mine has the alternate Zelda 64 cover) Video Games: The Ultimate Gaming Magazine - #15 - October 1993 And I don't remember which GamePro this came from ('96-'98 maybe): GamePro presents: S.W.A.T.PRO - Revenge of the Ultimate Video Game Codebook - Volume 8 (insert) Some of the covers are a little worn but the pages are all pristine. And finally I have some strategy guides, pack-in posters mostly from GamePro and some of those little game ad booklets they started packing in around '95. I'm still sorting through this stuff and will put together a second list. The strategy guides will have a few good ones you guys are missing.