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  1. Only missing two issues of NP and mission accomplished: #208 & #285.
  2. Looking forward for the missing issues... 205 207 208 212 213 214 215 216 229 230 234 257 263 264 265 267 270 285
  3. Nintendo Power Issue 260 (November 260) Edit: Nintendo Power Issue 260 (November 2010)
  4. The "Google Chrome Blocking Our Downloads" Tutorial works. Thank you very much‼ ♥
  5. Another Save link as... If you do the normal click nothing happen. "Save link as" using Google Chrome download the file just fine after clicking Keep.
  6. Update: Looks like is only this file with the issue. Others download normally. Many thanks for the hard work.
  7. File Size says 151.3MB but actual size is 144MB and I remember this is not the first time this happens using the Chrome browser. Everything needs to be Right Click - Save Link As - Keep for now on until a mayor change in the server.
  8. Me too. I bought it on BlockBuster Video when I found out that I got 8th place and received my prize during the competition of video games of the time playing SNES games. At the same time that I when to the store to collect my prize I met by accident (coincident) the boy that won 1st place and also was buying a copy of this magazine.
  9. Correction: "One of the best games I had ever played." ♥♥♥♥♥...
  10. The poster for this game is still frame on my wall. One of the best game I had played. ♥
  11. Me in 1999 during a project assignment of video games for a class in Electronics Boutique with this magazine.
  12. Wow, just for that story above I have an urge to download the entire (as for now) collection for this title magazine. *Snick, Snick, Snick...*
  13. I think I still have this issue. It looks more like a brochure / catalog but in the format of a thin magazine. Thanks‼
  14. My first issue that I got when I became a subscriber to the magazine. Love it ever since... ♥ I remember that I got so anxious to get the next one that I got a second copy for this issue and decided to give it to my neighbor.
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