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  1. I wanted to see some of the old magazines I bought as a kid and came across Classic Gaming Quarterly "Lets Read" YT series and he mentioned this site. What a goldmine! I 'm really fond of the early-mid 90's PC DOS and Sega Genesis stuff. I forgot about that cartoon-face rating system and one of my funniest memories from those mags was calling one of the 1-900 Hint lines and wasting 90$ on the line for what had to be less than an hour. My pops was not happy about that but I learned my lesson. I still play mainly Genesis these days and really want to pick up one of those Mega SGs. Mac doesn't afford me too much in modern gaming but Dosbox/Boxer works great. I'm looking forward to re-living the print media part of the nostalgia and maybe finding a physical copy of something I had again as a kid. Cheers! - Octo