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  1. Well, I guess I'll be working with you E-Day. Should we wait until the future before you share your shipping info? If that's the case, I'll message you a week or so before I get to sort through the magazines. Since I'll have access to them around the Christmas holiday, it'll be a few months from now. Also, you mentioned that some scans from VGHF might want to be redone. For example, I go to download a Nintendo Power magazine and can tell the individual who made the scan. Would this individual be the VGHF, or would I be able to tell some other way?
  2. Ok, I'll wait a few days on asking further questions to see if anyone else volunteers.
  3. It seems that the United States Postal Service would work fine with shipping to Canada.
  4. That sounds good. When I have a stack or two to send Retromags, where would I send them? VGHF has information on their website for submissions, but I am unsure where to send them for Retromags.
  5. Hello, While clearing out my belongings from a residence, I noticed that I still had a LOT of old gaming magazines. I am currently not in the same state (in the USA) as the magazines, but will be during the Christmas holiday and want to learn how I can donate any magazines that aren't currently in the magazine database. I think it's mostly Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly, but there are some older magazines that aren't. I realize that this potential donation won't happen for months, but I want to get the ball rolling because I will likely only have less than a week of time to go through them all and mail them. I might have around 200 magazines or more, but I know that I likely have mags that are already in the database. Also, how would I determine if I have a better quality copies of magazines than what's already in the database? I want to be very efficient and thorough about this because of the short amount of time I will have to ship the donation out. Thanks
  6. I too found a large amount of magazines at my parent's house, probably less than 100 but more than 50. I would like to donate them for scanning. I wouldn't be able to get them out until christmas time though. Please let me know if you're interested.
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