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  1. I've sadly lost this one. Thanks a ton!
  2. Ah my first issue. Front cover is torn with the back completely off. Thanks for the upload
  3. Fun Fact: This is XG's best selling issue: To quote one of the editors "Could have something with the half naked Lara Croft? Nah......"
  4. Thanks for the updated upload! My copy has both the back and front cover shredded along with some of the pages.
  5. Thanks for the upload! I've sadly lost this one. A small note this was a double cover issue with the other cover being LoZ:MM. I wish I gotten that one since I only had a N64 at the time. Guide helped me a lot.
  6. Thanks for the upload! I still have this Issue but the backcover is torn off (along with a few of the end pages) and the front cover while still intact however has a 1.5 inch tear near the spine. Used this one a lot for Smash Bros.
  7. Ah my first Subscription issue! Thank you so much for uploading. Sadly lost this one.
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