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  1. People Selling Retromags Scans!

    I have a Canon 8400F, pretty speedy and great quality which I bought just for my mom's family photos. So what should I save them as......tiff, jpeg...? I've had 1000+ photos I've scanned a few months back so I've been pretty happy not to have to touch the damn thing again. But I love my mags but also need to get rid of them, so I can't do it unless they're scanned first. And being a minimalist, I like to have things like that put on disc to save space and have it all in one neat collection. Paper only lasts so long. I think the earliest NES mags I have are a 5-mag set of white NES mags, forgot the name but came packaged like that at Wal-Mart and as soon as I had money, I either went to buy a game or a game mag. if I couldn't afford a game. But after my haitus with all my family photos, I'm not sure how many I'll scan before I get sick of it and have to take a long break. But I'd definitely like to contribute.
  2. People Selling Retromags Scans!

    I'm only on a 15k up DSL connection. It would take a long time. I'd probably just send a DVD or whatever when I'm done. I got a lot of NP plus mags from like almost 20 years ago from the early NES years. I've had them since I was a kid, 30 now. Not sure I'll have time to do all the ones I want. Plus I got the torrented NP 100 issues so I'll only have to scan those that are missing. So roughly how much time are we talking here to scan a typical NP mag?
  3. People Selling Retromags Scans!

    I have like 150 lbs of video game mags I was thinking of scanning. Should I put a tag on them stating, "if you paid for these, you were ripped off", or something when I scan them? Like a statement at the bottom of each page?