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Started with an Atari 2600 as a kid, followed by the NES, Genesis, SNES, Gameboy & Playstation. Also played IBM-Compatible DOS games like Sierra's Police Quest, Space Quest & King's Quest as a teenager. Later I owned a Playstation. In 2002 I enrolled in a computer school and was introduced to console game emulation. Since 2003, I've been a retro-gamer. Main systems I play is the old arcade games, Nintendo NES, SNES, Gameboy/Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, NEC TurboGrafx 16, Sega SG-1000/SMS & Genesis/Megadrive. I have a large virtual collection of classic gaming publications & systems and to this day, I passionately collect for. I've had experience in the past scanning publications with an EPSON scanner (they were quite slow back in 2003) & I have experience with Adobe Photoshop. I can greatly appreciate the very time consuming process of getting a magazine scanned properly. In addition to retro-gaming, I spend a considerable amount of time studying electronic music production. I've been studying electronic music since 2014, everything from electronic music from the early 70's to modern styles/production techniques. I also collect and study music that's been composed for classic consoles, my favourite being the Sega System 16/Sega Genesis/Megadrive console & Nintendo's NES