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  1. Hello all, Scanners at work apparently have a bug where they will straight up crash the entire system when trying to scan anything at 600dpi so that's on hold until the IT department gets on it (Editors Note: whenever they feel like it). But, I was able to do some very quick tests at 300dpi. Here are some of the results: Test of No. 58: I do notice some bleed-in on the article pages which I assume I can fix by using black construction paper as the scanning guide suggests. I also think the pages might be a little too dark? Perhaps that's something that needs to be fixed during the editing process. However, I think the cover page looks pretty darn good compared to most scans on Test of No. 25: First off, the cover page is way too dark. Not sure if that's something to be fixed in the editing process of the scanner just isn't up to the task. Next, bleed-in, once again. Don't have any black construction paper around so I can't test that currently. Results of No.25 are pretty shoddy compared to No. 58. As I hinted earlier, these haven't been edited at all--scanned and saved as JPEG. Unfortunately I cannot save as a TIFF due to the built in software. I've briefly taken a look at the editing guide but I figured I should get feedback on the initial scans before moving forward. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, I'll do a test run and upload the results. I'm pretty confident that the results will be leagues ahead of some of those scans on For every good scanned magazine I look at there's at least another 10 which are barely readable. I'll keep that in mind. Luckily a lot of the built-in software deals with at least the cropping aspect but when it comes to color correction I'll follow the editing guide and do the GIMP/Photoshop work.
  3. Oh wow, thanks for letting me know, I'll have to definitely check that out. I figured that would be the case. Still thought it would be worth asking if anyone here has experience with them. Will post test results next week. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello all, I just recently joined as I won a couple auctions for some issues of Computer Games Strategy Plus: No. 95 October 1998 No. 25 December 1992 No. 31 June 1993 No. 58 September 1995 (I can provide images of the eBay photos, I won't receive most of these until Monday 12th.) The reason I acquired these various issues is that I needed them for a documentary I've been working on about Impressions Games. I've been utilizing considerably and noticed that Computer Games Strategy Plus (among its various names over the years) is missing a ton of issues. So I'd like to help contribute by scanning these issues that I acquired. I work as a librarian professionally at a major university so I have access to some really nice scanners. Specifically, iVina A3 BookEdge Scanner FB6280E ( using software developed by KIC. They are specifically designed to digitize books among other things (like magazines!). Using the KIC software, it can automatically split images into separate pages with some pretty decent accuracy and up to around 600dpi. I can export into either PDF (Including searchable), PNG, and JPEG. However, I was reading "kitsunebi77's Guide to Magazine Preservation - Part 1: Pre-scan" and noticed the following: "Your magazine will be destroyed. Yes, Virginia, all the mags you see here are scanned the same way - by placing the loose, de-bound pages into an ADF document scanner or else onto a flatbed." You all have probably heard this song and dance a thousand times by now but I'd really like to not de-bound these magazines. However, would I still need to do this if I am using a BookEdge scanner? Has anyone had experience using them? Do they produce quality results with magazines? I'd love to have some support with this so I can properly contribute. Thank you!