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  1. All right, finally at 50% pages scanned for this issue! Tip: don't ever restructure your folders for scans unless you'd like a heart attack the next time you scan and find a newly created folder with the same name that doesn't have the other pages you'd been scanning.
  2. Good to know! I can take that one on next. Official US Playstation Magazine, November 1999: I'm about 50% done scanning. We've been trying to find a consistent way to align each of our pages in the scanning bed so that I don't have to move pages around so much in post. The fewer clicks and drags I gotta do, the faster this goes. Any pointers?
  3. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Took the holidays off and I got back to things on Monday. I spent a little longer on the front and back covers, since that's where most of the wear and tear is. I expect the pages to go much faster.
  4. Bump; I've just started scanning and cleaning up the covers and first 10 pages of Official US Playstation Magazine, November 1999. I don't mind posting my progress here; may I have one of the mods change the thread name to "Phanterm's Work Thread"? Less clutter that way, though I'm also happy to start a new thread.
  5. Okay, this helps! And is GameNow 01 still missing? We're getting started on scanning in pages tonight.
  6. Interesting! I'll have to look more into the glue-melting method, as that sounds less destructive on individual pages. I unfortunately only have a flatbed scanner, so hopefully the quality won't degrade TOO much. Thanks for the helpful info!
  7. I'm happy to report that I do have some considerable Photoshop muscles from a background in photo editing and videography but I've never scanned a magazine before and have no clue how long the lion's share of this list would take to get finished. My wife and I want to take it on together to make the work go by faster, so I reckon I can keep this thread updated to indicate my progress?
  8. Howdy there! Had no clue this database existed 'till today, and I'm happy that my collection of game magazines I've held onto as a kid can be useful for someone. I never had subscriptions and bought all of my magazines piecemeal, so I've got an assortment of different publications. Not all of these are in great or even good condition, but I cross referenced to what was missing online. Here's my list, and pictures. Here is a link to my Google Sheets where I'm keeping progress on my scans updated: In case the link doesn't work, here's what I have. The spreadsheet lists things like condition, and current status. I also have two issues of a publication I could not find listed -- Ultimate Solutions. Sadly, they're not in great condition, but it looks like it was created in the UK and published in the US? GAMEPRO September 1999 August 2001 May 2001 OFFICIAL US PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE October 1998 February 1999 May 1999 October 1999 November 1999 January 2000 March 2000 April 2000 September 2000 November 2000 January 2001 ULTIMATE SOLUTIONS September, Vol. 2 Issue 4 November Vol 2 Issue 6 TIPS & TRICKS February 2001 December 1999 GAMENOW Issue 01 COMPUTER GAMING WORLD August 2001 EXPERT GAMER September 1998 October 1998 GAME BUYER August 1998 October 1998 PSM June 1998 Mar 1999 May 2000 June 2000 August 2000 Apologies that many of these are in poor condition. I definitely used these as a resource when I was a child who didn't have internet and rented games voraciously. I'm just starting out here, so I'll read over the guidelines and tricks to scan. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter where I'm easily accessible at @hunterkennoy if you need to!