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  1. I see you've begun your conversions! Sadly I've still had no luck out there hunting down all the other pre-issue 16 mags. FYI the database record link goes to an error page.
  2. Thanks guys. Sure, if you guys are taking a copy for here you can do whatever you want with your copies haha. I'm only responsible for roughly 20% of the collection, the rest have been scanned over the years by multiple people across multiple sites with files getting passed around so knows what they did. As for me I did not take the staples out (no way in hell I'm damaging my personal collection lol) so I guess that's classed as binded? I spread the mag out over an A3 copier at work and scanned 2 pages at a time (and then separated them to A4's later in Adobe suite) to reduce bending distortions. I scanned at 400 dpi, I think most of the other ones are only 300dpi with varying levels of compression. All a bit of a mixed bag really but hey its better than nothing!
  3. Jeez I hope I can edit my post after a mod approves it as I can't seem to edit it now and the image link looks broken, there's multiple typos and I forgot to link to your megazone section lol!
  4. Blake00


    Woooah @flugle we could really use your help with the MegaZone mag preservation work. We're missing 14 issues from the late 80s early 90s era so if thats what you have then boy do we need to talk haha. I just posted a thread about this (waiting for admin approval) here:
  5. Hey guys, Someone just told me about this place and I just had to sign up as it's great to see people passionate about the same thing! If some of you here are Australian, you have a good retro gaming mate who’s an Aussie, or you know a retro gaming influencer with Aus fans then maybe you can help with this preservation attempt! I’ve been working with others to try and digitally preserve copies of a great old late 80s early 90s Australian video game electronics magazine called MegaZone that covered PC & Amiga (with a particular focus on point & click adventures), Atari, Nintendo and a lots of SEGA stuff (it eventually became SEGA only in its final years). At this point in time 42 of the 56 issues have been found and scanned by various collectors and myself leaving 14 issues still missing, all from the magazines earliest years. Many of the magazines found are missing their posters and some occasionally had supplement mini books that may be missing too. We’re also trying to digitize any MegaZone TV commercials out there on old VHS video cassettes as we have rescued 2 but know there are more (I remember seeing more as a kid). I can see that someone here has even uploaded some covers to your site. Should you guys want to increase your records and even have pdfs too then feel free to take what you need from our collections as we have many more. Sadly you guys don't have any of our missing 14 though. More info about what MegaZone is and how people can help here: