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  1. I had noticed a few "What's In Progress" type threads, but I hadn't noticed the one I was looking for. Of course, SWATPro is a bit of a difficult thing to search, as it can be written several different ways (S.W.A.T. pro, SWATPro, SWAT pro, etc). The most effective in my opinion, and as someone new to the site, would be the progress indicator in the database.
  2. D'oh! I'm glad I didn't pay for shipping to Canada! I'm not bothered by the cost at all - it was a cost I was prepared to spend as soon as I saw it wasn't available on or here - and getting help from you guys beat the heck out of shipping it internationally, only to have to send it back to the States for scanning. I don't need a physical copy, but I appreciate the offer; I really just wanted the content for research purposes. I'm working on a remake of Quarantine and wanted the walkthrough for some of the mission info. Also, I had actually originally bought it as a kid for the walkthough of Myst, and was captivated by a lot of the other games mentioned, so I figured it'd be a fun little trip down memory lane. I guess this can be a lesson to keep on top of updating documentation and statuses on the site - the issue just said "Missing" so I figured I'd provide one. There was only a day and a half left on the auction so I couldn't spend too much time figuring out the best plan, and just pulled the trigger. Maybe there needs to be a more formal submission/donation system? I know that might represent a big logistical issue but if it's feasible it may help in the future. In any case, thanks to everyone who helped with this. I had no idea there was such a big community around this sort of thing but it's awesome that there is. I really only came here for that one scan but I may fall down a rabbit hole of all the Nintendo Power magazines I used to have as a kid.
  3. That sounds great! PM me your address, and I'll buy the magazine and have it shipped to your address to scan and put up on the site, and we can all get access to the scan from there. Sound good? Thanks for your help and prompt replies.
  4. I'm not the seller - my suggestion is that I'd buy the magazine from the seller, and have it shipped to someone's address so they can scan it. It looks like it's shipping from New York. I couldn't tell you the exact page count, though the September issue of that year is about 95 pages.
  5. Hi, I'm new, and time is a bit short, so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'd like to have a copy or scan of S.W.A.T. Pro July 1995, and it's currently missing from the site. The only copy I can find for sale is on eBay. The price is great, but shipping to Canada is about $40 (it's ~$3 to the States). If somebody was interested, I'd be happy to buy it and have it sent to someone, provided it would get scanned fairly quickly. I feel like that would not only save me the shipping money, but also the cost of sending it to 1dollarScan or whatever to have it scanned. Is that an arrangement that can be made here?