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  1. Something to guide us toward indexing magazines (listing their contents to make them searchable). Doesn't have to be some fancy data entry system, it could just be a newbie guide or brief tutorial saying what to type in the issue description. Putting myself in the shoes of a newbie, the more questions pop up in my mind, the less likely I am to just get started on it. The kinds of questions that pop up in my mind are: What is indexing? (A listing of the contents of the magazine) Where do we put the index? (In the issue description I assume, unless another system gets put in place which is unlikely) What goes in the index (e.g. can I just put a plain minimal list of games, or do I need to list article titles too?) Minimal games list: Easier, so more likely to succeed? Most bang for the buck Article names/full table of contents: More complete, harder for non-native language magazines Really, probably just having clear requirements is the important thing. Other thoughts: Indexing would be much faster if it were possible to download or view individual pages instead of entire issues. Like, I dunno, server side unzipping? I don't know how that all works. Or maybe dump a bunch of table of contents scans somewhere, doesn't matter if it's someone's GDrive as long as it's clear which issue each belongs to. Maybe call it "Indexing contents" instead of just indexing to make it a little more self-explanatory (for hypothetical newbies who might not click the guide otherwise) Can we mark issues as indexed? Right now it's really easy to find issues that aren't indexed, but (hopefully) as time goes on...
  2. I have made a lossless PNG version available here: https://archive.org/details/GitarooManOfficialGuide_lossless
  3. 112 downloads

    Gitaroo Man Official Guide (Japanese) Scanned and edited by boringhexi 2001
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