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  1. Because Retromags does not want anything from earlier then 10 years ago to be on the site. Those issues are from 2010, so less then 10 years. Although I guess the ones from January to June could be done now if someone had them to scan.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I grew up reading GamePro, Nintendo Power, EGM, EGM2 and those have been the majority that I've downloaded from here. I wasn't into gaming as much by the time PS2/Xbox/Gamecube arrived. I also gotta say I HATE the way GamePro changed their layout in the later years. Yuck!
  3. I use: ePSXe for PS1 Gens for Genesis/Mega Drive Jnes for NES (nowadays I'm using the NES Classic) kigb for Game Boy PCXS2 for PS2 Snes9X for Super NES (like Jnes, I'm using a Super NES Classic nowadays)
  4. I bought a Wii U a few years ago. Shortly after the Switch was released. I thought with the Switch being released, surely the prices on Wii U would drop right? Nope. I ended up buying a refurbished model directly from Nintendo. Very happy with it as I had a number of Wii games I can still play.
  5. While I'm been reading through these old mags, the M2 seems like a great "What if?" Reports seemed like this was going to absolutely blow away the current consoles of the time, but it was delay, delay, delay until they sold off the rights to Matsushita(?) and they went in a different direction with it & never did release a console for a standalone M2 or a 3DO upgrade.
  6. I picked one up last year for $30 Canadian. I haven't actually played it yet. I was so pumped for this when I first heard about it. Then they announced the first run of games. Oh okay, not great but decent start. They I heard the full lineup. I was like "What?! How about Insert X title here?" Then they said most of the games were the PAL versions and after feedback from early buyers I stayed away. Till it was dirt cheap.
  7. And I thought some of the games are rather text heavy RPG's? How do they expect a player read text on a screen that small?