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  1. Just a note on the "Blood: The Last Vampire" game in Previews. There were 2 games in that series that come out in December 2000. Called "Blood: The Last Vampire - Gekan" & "Blood: The Last Vampire - Joukan" respectively.
  2. Just updating again. Even though it won't be on the site for a few years (the guide is from 2015), I purchased the Prima Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition Guide today. It will be sent to E-Day next week for preservation.
  3. I thought I saw this in another gaming magazine from the same time as well.
  4. EGM continues it's "April Fool's" tradition with a trick to unlock "topless mode" in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
  5. Funny thing about the write up for the preview of the PS2 game "Ka" in this issue. I quote "There's no chance in hell of Sony flying this mosquito over to America." Ka was released on March 12, 2002 in North America as "Mister Mosquito" LOL.
  6. This was an EGM issue of "Not Released in North America". There are 12 games in the previews section of this issue that were either Japan only, Europe only, Japan & Europe only, or never released at all. This seems REALLY high.
  7. The game actually came out in 2012. After I bought the guide, I was thinking, "is this old enough to be put on the site?"
  8. One of the most hyped games ever, and one of the worst fighting games ever made. Amazing how it ended up on like 8 different consoles!
  9. One thing I've found interesting when I've been indexing these magazines is checking out the previews and finding games that never ended up being released. This issue ended up with my personal high I've seen with SIX! 4 Sega CD games and 2 Genesis games. Plus there was a Super NES game previewed that didn't release in North America but did come out in Japan on the Super famicom.
  10. Love it when these "older" mags get scanned and preserved!
  11. "Retromags Goddess has lovingly sacrificed her copy to the guillotine" What a great way to describe destroying a strategy guide!
  12. Great post. I recently picked up strategy guide for one of the Resident Evil games from my local pawn shop and the clerk said he loved collected these guides. I didn't have the heart to tell him the purpose of me buying it, was to mail it to someone to completely take it apart (and then scanning it to upload here!)
  13. I've played a few from the list (Betrayal at Krondor, Lands of Lore, Might and Magic IV and V). Even though it was MANY years ago (Christ I'm old!), I'm definitely getting this!
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