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  1. Yeah the prices of sealed graded games is beyond insane lately. It used to be mostly NES games, but recently Super Mario 64 for N64 was sold for an insane price. I've never checked the prices for my games but now I'm curious. I only have some Wii, Wii U, DS, and a handful of PS2 games. I'm guessing my Dragon Quest IV DS is probably my most valuable. Also, you got to love it when a listing is showing said item is RARE! If there are 50 copies listed on Ebay I wouldn't consider said item is rare.
  2. I come to download a bunch of mags, check out some covers for magazines I've never heard of. I don't post on the forums too much. Lately I been splitting time between indexing various magazines I'm nostalgic for and updating various parts of the video game db. I've been going through various systems and adding developer, genre, release date and rating, but currently I've got a bunch of PS2 games that I'm scanning covers for and updated other info.
  3. That's my only nitpick that I see, the edit buttons are rather hard to view.
  4. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but I'm sure there was 1 magazine that did have Thrill Kill on the cover. But I don't remember which one. I know it wasn't GamePro or EGM. It was one of the lesser known magazine. I want to say Tips & Tricks?
  5. I've been indexing a buch of Diehard Gamefan/Gamefan mags lately and I found it shocking the # of games being featured that were never released. It seems to be at least one (and usually more) every issue.
  6. Being the April issue, of course there is an April Fool's joke in this issue. This time they said you could play as Akuma (from the Street Fighter series) in Resident Evil 2.
  7. I just finished indexing Diehard GameFan volume 2, issue 6 and I hard to share a bit from one of the letters printed. A reader claimed that 500 (yes, 500!) developers were working on games for the 3DO. GameFan corrects the writer and says there are about 30 developers working on 3DO games. I feel that even 30 may be a bit high for the 3DO. 500 seems to be a high number period! Were there anywhere near 500 development companies even around at that time?
  8. Some wild stuff in the Other News section of this magazine about Street Fighter III. The game would not even be released till 1997 almost 4 years after this magazine was on newsstands. The lineup was supposed to be Ryu, Sagat & 14 new characters (two of which would be Chun Li's younger sister and M. Bison's mentor name Shadow Lu) I wonder if this is something they actually got from Capcom, or they just completely made this up? Even Street Fighter Alpha wouldn't hit arcades for another 2 years.
  9. One glaring error in the Retroview section of the magazine. It said the New York Yankees defeated the Oakland A's in the World Series in 5 games. It was the Los Angeles Dodgers, not the Yankees. The Yankees and A's both play in the American League, so it would be impossible to play in the World Series together. As a baseball it was a very "Huh?" moment.
  10. Interesting note on Nintendo in this issue. Apparently Nintendo had filed a copyright lawsuit against NextGen's parent company Imagine Media. So in this issue there is NO Nintendo coverage at all. However in the next issue, Nintendo coverage is back.
  11. So according to this issue Halo was going to be released on the PS2?! Wikipedia states about PC and Mac versions but nothing about a PS2 release. It's so interesting to read through these old mags and find games that went through massive changes or were simply never released.
  12. Hey folks. I was looking to submit a cover for the Wii U game Xenoblade Chronicles X but I could not find the game in the video game database. Is it missing? Also Paper Mario: Color Splash and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD seem to be missing as well?
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