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  1. Just a little bump, put up some more special issues I found (like premiere and E3 Exclusive mags), Nintendo Fun Club and all of my GameFan issues I have left! Anything that doesn't sell as an auction will be put up as buy it now with offers. (of course I do combine shipping if you buy multiple) Still to put up later on are old EGM, GamePlayer's, Video Games & Computer Entertainment, Next Generation, so I will hopefully put as much as I can up early April.
  2. Just discovered this site and it’s amazing! I recently sold off my Nintendo Power collection on eBay, but now going to other mags like EGM, GameFan, VG&CE, Game Players, TurboMag etc. I also discovered I have some special mags not scanned and archived on the site, including Official Xbox Magazine both the unlisted E3 special preview issue from early 2001, as well as the unarchived special preview issue from late 2001, plus PC Accelerator issue 0. I have some stuff up now, but will add more next month when I have more eBay free listings. So hopefully someone with a good scanner can win some of these mags and archive them here! My username: therukes Link: