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  1. Thank-you, Everyone, For All Your Hard Work!

    I appreciate everything guys, I'm hoping reading through these will help me get back into gaming, by means of going retro. I haven't payed a video game in a month, so I'm hoping these will rekindle my interest, since my video game collection is probably close to $1000 in value. I would scan the 2001 Gamepros I have, but my HP Officejet isn't a flatbed scanner, so no can do.
  2. It Was Bound To Happen

    I've been subscribing to Nintendo Power since the January 2006 (199) issue, and have had no qualms. Of course the first two years were through a fundraiser agency, so no free gifts, but this year I got the free Wii keychain with no problems. Just hope Future won't screw it up for me. Of course I am also getting EGM, TV Guide, Computer Shopper and PC Magazine all for free from online offers, so I'm the last one who should be complaining about free gifts. Thank you Slickdeals!
  3. Its My Birthday!

    Yeah, it's only Comcast's Cable internet that gets throttled, DSL doesn't. I know people who have Verizon DSL and no complaints, but then again, they probably don't BT as often as me. If my town would get rid of a pointless bylaw that prohibits Verizon FiOS from installing new fiber-optic lines without paying rent on the wires, then I'd certainly switch to Verizon. You'd think that in the very technologically advanced part of the country I live in (eastern Massachusetts), that we don't live by the good ol' boy system, but we do. Even when it's the same town that the NE Patriots play in.........
  4. Its My Birthday!

    Hope you had a good birthday pal. I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work, I'm having some laughs at the "rad" ads from the early NPs . I'll try to seed the release as much as possible on [censor bypass], of course before Comcrap throttles my connection.......
  5. Nintendo Game Atlas

    I think I recall one being posted on a torrent site. I think it was Transexual-Underground, but I'm not sure.
  6. Nintendo Power Dvd Cover Preview:

    Awesome idea! I'd do the same only it would be expensive to do (glossy paper, ink, my time). It would be great to add them to my current Nintendo Power subscription (Issue 199-present) and a random Issue 90.
  7. So... That's A Little Strange.

    I think they changed the policy, again. Before it used to be Members+, then it was open to everyone, now it's 5 posts. You're only one post away!
  8. What Interests You?

    Well first Nintendo Power. When that is complete, I'd like to see EGM.
  9. Guitar Hero Ii (80's Rock)

    I actually like this game, most of the song selection is good. However, I think that they could've added a few more songs, and added in some better songs as well.