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  1. Any luck on #6, 41 or 53 over the weekend? And how do I get this thread to the buy/sell section?
  2. Below is the link to the covers page on the Game Informer website. Hope I get lucky here
  3. Hey people, I'm down to 4 issues and I'm complete. Multi covers and all. I keep a close eye on Ebay, Offerup and facebook market but I need a new place to look. Anyone here have any of these they can sell? #6, #41, #53, #200 (half life cover)
  4. Hey, I am curious when Game Informer went to the larger print size from the Nintendo Power size they stared with (and are back to). My guess is issue #91 was when they went bigger. Can anyone help answer this?? Looked all over. I'm building my collection (halfway there) and want to know for bag/board size and amount sake. Thanks in advance :)