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  1. Seeing all of this makes me want to collect physical PS3 and PS4 games. Who knows it's worth in several years time. If I'm still alive, that is. Oh, some controllers too. PS3 ones already twice the original price nowadays. Hope I could buy official (and limited) colored official ones so I can resell it back. Heh, never thought I'm thinking like a collector...
  2. EGM. And only EGM. Each issue bring memories; good and bad, scary and pleasant. It's particularly a journey back in time.
  3. AC Odyssey. Not in a hurry to finish it. AC Origins. Done several months ago; I think it's a bit in a hurry near the end. No games very recently finished - kinda don't want to.
  4. Let's see: At first, it was just finding some old video game mags that I dearly missed. Second, after finding the dearly missed mags, I became curious on other mags that I missed on buying when they were around physically; I then browse around just for fun. Third, turns out I have way too much fun browsing that I didn't realized that I've long so site till from evening to next morning! Fourth, I'd forgotten about this site for a time that I missed seeing Forum section; now exploring (and replying) actually. Fifth, I'm addicted to video games mags.
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