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  1. Most Dissapointing Game System

    N64 was a tird on arrival. I got PS1 on its launch date then traded my friend for the N64 when Goldeneye came out, big mistake. The only games worth anything on the N64 were the Zeldas and Goldeneye.
  2. Don't Vote! no wait, DO VOTE! ;)

    If you run for office its likely you will not have financial backing from the world banks like obaombmaa & mackaaine, hence the world banks agenda gets ejaculated through the prosthetic phallus that is the afore mentioned candidates. Unless you know what the world banks are, I suggest you keep your mouth shut mate.
  3. Don't Vote! no wait, DO VOTE! ;)

    Don't you know that oboma and mckain are owned by the international bankers? The same agenda will push through no matter who is elected. The only hope is to vote in local elections or run for political office yourself on a take back the federal reserve platform.
  4. Diehard Gamefan Magazines

    Hello You guys have an excellent site here. Brings me back to when I was 12. I was wondering if anyone is going to put up any Diehard Gamefan mags as I believe they were in the top 3 with EGM and Gamepro. Thanks dakonishi