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  1. I had all of Rovin's books. Dude did a pretty good job of explaining strategies.
  2. OOH! Another big favorite from my collection! Thrilled to have this in digital!
  3. Nice! Pretty sure I still have this one in my storage unit!
  4. AH. I mis-read that. Yea, Prima acquiring Brady makes much more sense.
  5. Holy crap, I remember this book series. I had a few of them, and used to read them in Books-A-Million when my family went to the mall as a kid. I didn't realize they were published by Prima, and I'm SHOCKED to learn that Prima was acquired by Brady. I had books from both companies, but Prima always felt like the more dominant brand. It's like if Burger King bought McDonalds. Anyway, thanks for the upload.
  6. Stuff like this makes me so happy. I remember all these books in Babbages, Software Etc., COMP USA, etc. This stuff really was a major part of the gaming experience back in the day, and as I'm building my emulation collection, it's SO great to be able to essentially "emulate" this part of the experience as well. Thank you. And adding an archive link to the CD was a great touch as well.
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