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  1. What sort of OCR tool did you use to get this document to be text-searchable? I feel like that's something I could do to publications on the site to help us out.
  2. This is something different - It's a book published by Prima that isn't a guide/walkthrough per se, but contains information on each Pokémon that is available across many different Pokémon titles. ISBN: 0-7615-5376-2 I'll focus on the ones that haven't been uploaded in the past and are not as readily available elsewhere. That makes sense for a bilingual publication... I think I've seen some instruction manuals do that in the past. Difficult to say if we can consider it a separate publication since it never existed outside of being the flip-side to Dynamite, but I think that approach makes the most sense. I honestly did not think to look in the respective issues, I was solely looking in the Supplements portion of the database, which lists them as missing. My understanding from perusing the comments and other posts here are as follows: * The Nintendo Power magazine scans are of a sub-par quality and due for an overhaul to meet current archival standards. * Many Nintendo Player's Guides (and perhaps these Nintendo Power Supplements, also) were removed from the site when a forum member rage-quit the site and got protective of their scans. I appreciate the input - I'll focus on the Prima items and ARCADE that don't appear to be as readily available on other sites and we'll see what happens from there. Thank you!
  3. It's not a library by any means, but it's a start! All Items are from 2006 and prior. If you had already called dibs on one of these, let me know!! Neopets – The Official Magazine No. 13 (Beckett Media) Neopets – The Official Magazine No. 17 (Beckett Media) Nintendo Player’s Guide – Mario Mania Nintendo Player’s Guide – NES Game Atlas Nintendo Player’s Guide – Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars (Interior is nice - Front/Back cover in rough shape, but maybe someone skilled with photoshop could fix it up) Nintendo Player’s Guide – Super NES (Already Available for download) Nintendo Power Supplement – Classified Information Nintendo Power Supplement – Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide Nintendo Power Supplement – Super Mario Bros. 2 Inside Out – Super Power Tip Book Part I Nintendo Power Supplement – Super Mario Bros. 2 Inside Out – Super Power Tip Book Part II Prima – Pokemon Pocket Pokedex (Over 380 Pokemon) Prima Strategy Guide – The Hobbit Prima Strategy Guide – Pokemon Ranger Prima Strategy Guide – Sonic Heroes Not sure what to do with this one… how to classify it. Scholastic – Dynamite Issue 114 When you read the first 22 pages of the magazine all is normal. Page 23 is upside down though, why on earth would that be? Well, because if you flip the publication around it’s actually two Magazines! ARCADE – Fun and Games for the Computer-Age Kid Scholastic did a few of these “Double Feature” as part of their long running Dynamite Magazine. I’ve only seen evidence that proves they did four of the ARCADE-flips (Issues 104,107, 114, 119 – 111 might be but I’ve misplaced it – 115 is definitely just “Dynamite”). The one I have has an interview with Don Bluth about Dragon's Lair.