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  1. Those sweet jackets... these guys must get laid like crazy.
  2. That is some epic coverart Shot poor dude right in the neck.
  3. I sent @MigJmza bunch not long ago. So they should be here at some point in the future. Final fantasy tactics strategy guide (missing 1 page of removable trading cards) Suikoden 2 strategy guide Legend of legaia guide Super mario 64 guide Zelda ocarina of time guide Yoshi story guide Wild arms strategy guide Final fantasy chronicles guide Mortal kombat 3 arcade secrets Ehrgeiz strategy guide I also recently came across a suikoden 1 guide in good shape that I want to get on the site.
  4. Yeah I donated a lot of expensive strategy guides to MigJmz to scan but I would rather see them destroyed and preserved in all their glory for others to enjoy than just have them moldering away somewhere or lost to time. I donated the suikoden 2 when I saw some douche trying to rent out a crappy pdf copy for like 8 bucks a pop; that's just trying to take advantage of fans for no good reason.
  5. I feel like all the names in this magazine could double as porno titles
  6. I actually had one, issue 30 I believe. I have given it to @MigJmz to scan so at some point it should appear on the site.
  7. Thanks for the heads up guys! Had no idea about that stuff on the site. Keep me updated on these. That sounds awesome
  8. So I know this place is mainly dedicated to magazines but what are the thoughts on things gaming related like these mario books I came across? They all contain illustrations and are long out of print. I also found an old vhs sent from nintendo that has n64 stuff on it. Just wondering if things like this were out of purview for the site or if they are worth preserving.
  9. Final count: Official playstation magazine 72, 71, 13, 14, 12, 38 Nintendo Power 129, 130, 128 Wcw nwo revenge prima official guide Castlevania symphony of the night survival guide Super Gameboy complete guide Silicon Mag episode 30? I also found some old strategy guides but still trying to decide if I should donate these as they can go for a pretty high price especially since they are all in great condition. Ehrgeiz official fighters guide brady games Yoshis story official nintendo players guide Legend of zelda official nintendo players guide Super mario 64 official nintendo players guide Legend of legaia prima official strategy guide Final fantasy chronicles official guide Wild arms official playstation strategy guide Suikoden 2 prima official strategy guide Final fantasy tactics prima official strategy guide
  10. Awesome, I'm still finding stuff so I'm going to finish looking around before I send it. Also I found this. Haven't seen it on here or even on a Google search. Any ideas?
  11. I'm more than happy to ship the missing ones, but I sure don't have the money to ship all the others haha. When I said I have a lot I meant it. Shoot me your details and I will get the missing ones out to you at least. Also I found some nintendo power guides for yoshi story and zelda. They have cover images but no download. Does that mean they are on the site or not?
  12. This is a free donation. I hate tossing all of them away like this but I just don't have room for boxes of old magazines. Though I did take care to check and see if each one was on the site or not already. I have so many game informers for example, some of which are fairly old, but I see those aren't allowed on the site. If there was some way to keep track of what could potentially be used in the future I would donate those as well but as it stands they are getting tossed.
  13. I'm in the US and all of them are in great shape save one that has kind of a jank cover but the inside is good.
  14. Cleaning out my mothers house and have come across some magazines that might fill in some gaps. Wondering if this is the right place to post them so I can donate them since I can't scan them. Official playstation magazine 72, 71, 13, 14, 12, 38 Nintendo power 129, 130, 128 Wcw nwo revenge prima official guide Castlevania symphony of the night survival guide Might come across more later. If this is the wrong place where else can I donate them?
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