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  1. Arcade magazine from the UK. Published by Future, it was a multi format magazine absolutely packed to the brim with content. Got 2 or 3 issues myself, but never seen it referred to online. Circa 1999-00s
  2. I'd say pay 3 to 5 max absolute max per issue of the early ones. The last 12 or 15 issues are rarer and more expensive, as the snes was dying and people moved onto other mags. The exemption to this rule is Super Play Gold, which came out early but is pretty rare. Expect to pay 15-25 for that. I've got most of the run, but patchy towards the end.
  3. The magazine was famed for import reviews, honest opinions and an interest in Japanese culture, usually related to gaming. They have news, previews, reviews, guides, tips and an archive of reviws at the back. Most screenshots have humourous captions. The original art inside the magazine is to a high standard. For me they more than stand up, as they have a high level of substance and good design.
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