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  1. Dvd Burning

    What is everyone favorite way to burn VOB's here (DVD video files). I need some suggestions, other than nero.
  2. Custom Portable Gaming Systems
  3. For People With 3+ Consoles Hooked Up

    Am I the only one who thinks it is pretty much the ugliest thing possible........It looks homemade.
  4. Itty Bitty X Box

    Ummm, these are just little handheld games, you dont need an xbox to play em......
  5. Does Anybody Know The Nes Launch Titles?
  6. A Rare Dilemma

    You know this is just microsoft being stubborn and bullying rare......
  7. Using Video Out

    I dunno, it is just the same size as a small headphone jack. And, I would consult doc, if I had it. I bought the video card from someone at work, and I don't have that computer hooked up right now, so I cant even check what it is. It is like a radeon 9100 or somewhere around there, with 128 MB.
  8. Using Video Out

    K, so on my video card, I have a plug in that says video out. It looks like a headphone plugin. What kind of cable do I need to use to connect this to my tv using RCA cables, preferably.
  9. Revolution To Play Genesis And Turbografx Games

    I think their virtual console is one of the greatest things ever, and I use emulators. If I had a choice though, I would prefer the legal version
  10. South Park Scientology Episode Banned!

    Seriously, I would NEVER had asked my wife to not make a single sound during the birth of our 2 kids, and I don't think it is even close to my right to ask her to do so. I mean come on, this religion was *founded* by a science fiction writer. Before that episode ever played, just for fun, I read about them, and they really do believe in the whole Xenu thing. If that isn't straight out of a science fiction novel, I don't know what is. YOU HAVE TO PAY THEM MONEY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR CHURCH. Oh yeah, you wanna become a bishop. Oh you killed someone, thats ok, just pay us money and we will make you one. Wanna read something messed up too. Wikipedia is completely non-biased, and their article only states the facts, and it is still freaking ridiculous.
  11. Dvd Authoring?

    I can't believe that nobody here uses Nero. Sure, it may not be worthy of professional editors, but there is nothing easier. It is what I would suggest using if you don't know much about authoring, and is the one I most commonly use to put something simple together in 5 minutes. If you do decide to go that way, I can let you know all you need to.
  12. Looking For A New Bittorrent Client

    Utorrent is very customizable. You can set the ratio you want to keep, your upload speed, the time you want to upload, how much you want to upload during that time. You can pretty much make it do about all you can think of. It is my client of choice.
  13. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Not a new member, but this would be my first post on the new board.