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  1. This game isn't THAT hard. It took me a few days to beat it, but it was a fun few days.
  2. Is the original GOW still selling for $60? I just got a 360 but I don't have much money.
  3. Oh jeez, Hi-Tech Expressions? Did they ever publish ONE good game?
  4. F-Zero X is an awesome N64 game.
  5. Well, Mario RPG is already out. Mega Man 2 will be soon. I'd like to see Star Tropics 2 and Mortal Kombat 4.
  6. I do wish Nintendo had bought out all of Rare instead of Microsoft. This game would be a much bigger hit on Wii than 360. Viva Pinata probably would be too. And it would be easier to get Goldeneye on the VC, plus Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini, Wizards and Warriors, R.C. Pro-Am...but it is what it is.
  7. Exactly. They were big enough stars that they had their own licensing deals. Instead of the separate Jordan and Shaq games, EA should have made Jordan vs Shaq: One on One. They made Jordan vs Bird many years earlier, so it would be a logical continuation. Probably would have been a huge hit.
  8. Oh man, that GamePro issue. Isn't that the one with the report on the CES where they debuted Donkey Kong Country? I've been looking for that one for a long time.
  9. Thanks for all the old GamePro uploads. Nice to see a complete '93 set and hoping for a complete '94 set soon.
  10. They announced that the game will have optional spite flicker. Now that's authentic.
  11. Anyone else think the SMS doesn't get the credit it deserves? Sure, the game library pales in comparison to that of the NES but there are still quite a few gems in the library like: Alex Kidd in Miracle World: This really should have been the pack-in game. It seems like the kind of game where if you had played it back then, you would have thought it was better than Super Mario Bros., but looking back now, you realize that SMB is better. But it's still a whole lot of fun, and has greatly varied action scenes like the motorcycle, copter, and swimming stages, as well as the rock, paper, scissors matches. It's too bad none of the three sequels on SMS even tried to replicate the greatness of this game. The Genesis version was similar to Miracle World but unfortunately wasn't as good. Phantasy Star: Arguably not as good as the second and fourth games in the series but it's still a great early console RPG. I think it's as good, if not better, than the original Final Fantasy. Double Dragon: The SMS version was much better than the one for NES. The graphics were better, the stages were more like the arcade, and there was two-player simultaneous play. It was everything the NES game should have been but wasn't. Astro Warrior: A Galaga-esque top-down shooter. Lots of fun! Golden Axe Warrior: The port of the original Golden Axe wasn't very good, but this Zelda ripoff stands out as one of the best games in the SMS library. The Wonder Boy series: Pretty much the whole series was great, and they kept getting better as it progressed from simple side-scrolling platformer to a deeper adventure game. Any other Master System fans here?
  12. The Official Nintendo Players Guide?
  13. Haha is that real? What kind of base is that made out of?
  14. Funny, but I don't have a lot of hope for the quality of this game. Too bad, I always thought a mario/Sonic game would be awesome but this Olympics thing is not appealing.
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