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  1. Haha, classic. JT would have a field day with this news. But how did they rob that place, this is a ZAP up. We gonna shoot you down like duck hunt if you dont give me the money and a dog will come in to get you. NOooo please dont mirror zap me.
  2. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    The thing is, I have a Dreamcast. And spindles of games burnt. Didn't even have to mod that classicness. Only downside is that it's blind now and won't read anything anymore. Besides that I had a xplorer thing for my PSX. STick it in, boot it up with an original ps game, and then swap it. Trick wasn't flawless. The lens was sucky suck. Also own a XBox, non modded. A Dreamcast is mostly modded to play all games. Some of the NTSC games wouldnt play on the PAL system. And it saves the boot disc trick for some games. But most people did it to play original import games.