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  1. Thanks everyone for the insight. I sent a message to @E-Dayand @MigJmz to see if either of them are interested. Otherwise I may have to do what @Sivilius is doing and just sit on my mags until there's someone available to take them.
  2. I still haven't gotten any word from @Phillyman -- it says he hasn't read the message I sent last week. Does anyone have any tips on who else I can reach out to, or how to best make contact with scanners? Thanks!
  3. Got it! I think Phillyman is the closest to me geographically, so I went ahead and sent him a PM.
  4. Hello everyone! I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago while looking for scans of old magazines for perusal, and I realized that I have in my own personal collection the vast majority of the issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly that are missing from Retromags. Specifically, I have every EGM from 130-230, most in very good condition. I would be willing to donate these for free if I could guarantee that I get digital copies in return! I'm downsizing some of my physical possessions but want to make sure I can still (digitally) leaf through my old beloved EGMs . I'm not sure what the process is for donating magazines, so I posted this here. Please let me know if there's a better way to handle things. Thank you!
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