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  1. More links. https://ibb.co/ZShCjp6 https://ibb.co/JBGXSqK https://ibb.co/GsTdds3 https://ibb.co/tsYYQsb https://ibb.co/yyrwPH4 https://ibb.co/HXLq00z https://ibb.co/ZL5MDhy https://ibb.co/ZzxW8gH https://ibb.co/X8WvMQG
  2. Here's the books i looking for, hope one day see them here. The 2000 and 2004 are already on wayback machine, but i'm only interrested on SEGA cheat codes. Enjoy the pictures.
  3. A Nother one for the summer. https://imgur.com/a/vveBnb0 https://archive.org/details/sega-magazine-complete-tips-book-uk Enjoy!
  4. A nother good book for collection.
  5. Done: https://archive.org/details/sega-xs-busters-collection-book
  6. Thank you. I'm soon going to post here Sega XS Busters Book. It's a surprise. It is in English, i had problems to convert, but later i realize how to seperate pages by pdf and combine in the end. I made it nicely. It have more then 400 pages. Stay Tuned.
  7. Is there some book or magazine, very legit and complete with cheat codes, without tips, without game genie and action replay in the entire world? It can be English UK/US, Spanish, Portuguese only. I'm only interrested on this. Mega Drive Game Gear Master System Mega CD Mega CD 32X I realize a few games have cheat codes, but it doesn´t work, others works but are not in the books. Even the black bike of Road Rash 3 is not in any book. Nintendo stuff i already have it. Thanks.
  8. I forget to post a picture of my custom cover. https://imgur.com/a/XGVR7D7
  9. Before i shit post here i will post my first one on the offtopic thread. Here's one special book of all cheat codes of any sega console from Book 1 at 34. I decided to make one for one reason, i don´t have a specific book of cheat codes and i get the spanish one, because i'm portuguese and we don´t have all the complete portuguese book of Clube SEGA or even the books of Mega Force. https://archive.org/details/todo-sega-trucos Enjoy!
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