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  1. Nintendo Power Perfect 10's

    curses! I"ll have to go on a hunt then.
  2. So... That's A Little Strange.

    I can't seem to get into the Magazines section... It now says that you need 5 posts to enter, but I was able to get in there a post a few days ago when I first registered and had never posted once. When I do a search for my post to see if there were any replies it says that I've never posted before... even though I know that I got at least one reply to my post's question. So... I'm going to bump this thread a few times just so I'll be able to post in the magazines thread and see if I have to re-post my question again.
  3. Nintendo Power Perfect 10's

    Well that's great to hear! Does anyone know the issue number in which Metriod Prime scored perfect? I need to download it and show my roommate to win the bet.
  4. Nintendo Power Perfect 10's

    Well... this looks like the thread I should be posting this in. I need your help. My roommate was getting all excited that Nintendo Power gave Metroid Prime 3 a perfect 10, I asked him what the big deal was... of course Nintendo is going to give one of it's own big releases a 10. His response was that Nintendo Power has only given out 2 perfect scores ever... one to Metroid Prime 3, and the other to Resident Evil 4. I'm darn near certain that Nintendo Power has given out more 10/10 scores, so I bet him $5 that they did. He's so sure that he's right that he even informed me about this site so I could go swimming through the back issues and look for myself. I figured it wouldn't hurt to post a help request on the forums and see if anyone knows of other games that got a perfect score from Nintendo Power. I would have assumed that Mario64 or Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be good candidates, but he says's they both got 9.5's If anyone knows of other games that scored perfect, please let me know... and if you happen to know what issue they appeared in, that would be great, because I'll have to prove it to me roommate. Thanks MOT (I know you'll be reading this thread Bean... I'm going to win.)