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  1. Usb Gamepads

    I use Super Joy Box 3 for my controller needs. It's a Playstation-> USB converter, and I think a PS controller is just perfect for emulating any classic system I feel the need to. Just make sure you don't buy the cheap knock-offs off ebay...I bought one from a mass seller from Hong Kong and the thing was dead within 2 days. Watch out for the transparent blue models..
  2. What Interests You?

    Nintendo Power takes me right back to the good ol' childhood more than any other. But I was also a big EGM fan in my day for their more broad range of system coverage. I had a few issues of Gamepro but it never really hooked me in.
  3. Guitar Hero Ii (80's Rock)

    Not really a fan of the Guitar Hero concept here. It's on the right track, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather practice playing real guitar than just 5 large buttons. I will literally crap my pants the day they design a game which can handle a real guitar, and advances you based on your ability to hit the real notes!
  4. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    My cat used to sleep on my desk behind my keyboard, so you can imagine the disgusting amount of cat hair I found when I cleaned this baby. I popped all the keys off and everything for that clean-up, but usually a can of compressed air does the trick quite well.
  5. Playing Final Fantasy

    I played through FF1 a LONG time ago, and I don't remember it being all that rewarding in the end. Unless you count a few of the music tracks...Matoya's Cave is an incredible tune, and so is the main theme played early on when you walk over the bridge. The problem is that (like most NES RPG's) it is kind of a waste of time unless you have tight nostalgic ties with the game. The story isn't, and you put in gobs of hours toward a bunch of fetch quests.