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  1. Usb Gamepads

    I use a Logictec Wingman Game Pad for my gaming. I'm not sure if they even make the model I have any more but it has every button you need and then some. It has a slider for throttle game, a pad, 2 joysticks, 6 buttons on the face, and two buttons on the back, like the Playstation has only 1 on each side instead of two. If you can find it cheap you might give that a try, and yes it is a USB game pad.
  2. Hard Drive Formatting Problem

    What did you ever find out about this? Sounds like you may want to get one of the low level programs from your HD manufacturer and have it low level test and format it before you try and use it again.
  3. Hamachi!

    Why not use one of the free VPN programs rather than paying for this one? Also anyone remember Kali and Kahn. They were programs that would let you do exactly this.
  4. Legacy Dos Gaming Box

    You might want to check around on the net, as there are tons of collections of settings for getting older games to run under DOSBox. Just a suggestion.
  5. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Well I'm a 38 year old game collector. I have every console I have ever bought and a lot of my old game magazines. I would have to say my favorite old console would be my Dreamcast then either the NES or SuperNES.