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  1. Third issue (#155) is uploaded and available now here:


    While the new Team Member permissions appear to allow me to upload to any category, when I select Game Pro magazine the max file size I can upload is 0 bytes.

    I've learned a lot from this magazine and have a new workflow which I am tweaking.  I purchased a large heavy duty guillotine cutter which cleanly sliced off just the end binding of the magazine.  However, I was perhaps too cautious with the amount I took off as there were various areas in the magazine that had glue that had seeped a little further than the end binding.  I might have been better off chopping slightly more to start with.  The end result was I had to go in by hand with a x-acto knife which resulted in some pages needed editing after scanning.

    I changed my scanning method to do 600 dpi and then run the images through SilverFast HDR for descreening, downsampling to 300 dpi, resizing, and color correction.  In the past I didn't believe this process really made a difference in the end.  However, I scanned a good chunk of the magazine my old way (300 dpi with hardware descreening) and the new way and then compared.  It was no comparison, the new method makes substantially better looking images at a smaller file size in the end.

    I also switched to GIMP for photo editing to do cloning when possible instead of relying on cropping.

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  2. The second one is uploading now and I think turned out much better > https://archive.org/details/game-pro-154.

    There should not be more than a handful of pages which may need some minor touch ups.  I obviously learned on the first one that when the page has a small piece catching (which didn't cut through) that when I pull it there is a chance it causes a tear.  On this second scan I just went straight to cutting again.

    I also changed the background in my image viewer so I can see the white edges when they need to be cropped off.

  3. MigJmz - I saw once I uploaded it to archive.org there were a few pages near the front which could have used some cropping on the inside part.  Other than that was there any other areas where you had to do editing?  Looking for any feedback to improve the scans so they hopefully don't require much, if any, editing after I submit them.

    I would love to get a large heavy duty paper cutter to slice magazines but can't justify the cost when I only have a small stack to scan.  The x-acto knife along the spine is somewhat of an art form.

  4. I've got several GamePro magazines to scan.  I did the first one today but can't upload it to the site because I don't have permissions for that category of magazines? 

    The scanning guide mentions uploading it to the Supplements & Misc category and a Admin can move it later - but I don't see that category in the list.  If a new user is supposed to be able to contribute files it doesn't seem like the permissions are setup to allow that to happen.

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  5. Stumbled upon this thread and it looks like the auction is almost over.  I put a $55 bid on it as I'm willing to fund & scan them but don't want to interfere if you have something worked out for them.


    Otherwise if you need to send them somewhere in the US to be forwarded elsewhere I'm happy to help with that as well.

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