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  1. Best Graphic Card For Retrogaming?

    I use Intel® 82810E Graphics Controller (1280x1024x16bit 60Hz) , works fine for all my emu needs, except PS2 though :( .
  2. Okay, I Need Some More Help!

    That hacked-on-mirc thing was kind of creepy. My first thought was that it was the "Wake-on-LAN" thing that was the problem though..?
  3. Need Group Tags Created (photoshop Help)

    If it's still needed, I could give it a try?
  4. What Is Your Computer Specs?

    Woah! I got the oldest and shittiest computer! Don't you think? Specs: os: Windows XP Professional, SP2 :: cpu: Intel Pentium III processor (at 735 MHz) :: mem: 114/127 MB (89%) :: gfx: Intel® 82810E Graphics Controller (1280x1024x16bit 60Hz) :(
  5. Usb Gamepads

    Just found this site, and what do I find next? NES controllers with USB! You have no idea how bad I wanted this, but I didn't thought it was possible.. a BIG thank you man!