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  1. Interesting Random Web Stuff

    http://www.forwardedfunnies.com/ads_from_t...ast_011737.html It's amazing to see how ads used to be some of these things would definaately not be alowed now.
  2. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Im 21 and have been playing computer games since i was young its great to re-live all the great games with emulation/
  3. A compilation of games would be good but they would have released them on the GBA it would be a waste of the touch screen abilitys.
  4. Going To See Transformers!

    Very good movie interested to see if the others they make will be as good.
  5. Atari confirms Jenga is heading to Wii and DS

    agreed jenga alone for £30 would be a bit of a waste but if they were able to include other games that would be a good game to buy