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  1. Nixar

    Snes Cart Lable Scan

    Maybe this will help: The Cover Project They have custom & converted covers and cartridge scans for all Nintendo consoles. Despite the fact that they don't have the label scans for the ones you're looking for, you can easily convert the cover scans from Super Mario World and DKC 2 into your own custom labels!
  2. Nixar

    Recommended Emulators

    Nestopia for Nes Zsnes for Snes Project64 for N64 Dolphin for Gamecube VisualboyAdvance for GameBoy Advance ePSXe or Bleem for PSX NeoRAGEx for NeoGeo Handy-0.90 for Atari Lynx Project Tempest for Atari Jaguar Kega Fusion for Master System, Megadrive, Gamegear Yabouse for Saturn Chankast for Dreamcast
  3. Nixar

    Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    I have never cleaned my keyboard, do have a constant intention to do so, though...
  4. Nixar

    Usb Gamepads

    I use the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad Gamepad on the Logitech Website It works great with all the N64 emulators, and has precise anolog control sticks. The right analog stick i use to resemble the C-buttons from the original gamepad
  5. Nixar

    Snes Cart Lable Scan

    These labels are not that easy to find unfortunately, also because the European cartridges don't have a flat front, so they aren't that easy to scan. Maybe create custom labels using vector files and hires artwork. I will be happy to help you out, but then I need an scan from another cartridge as an example/template, preferably from the first Donkey Kong Country.
  6. Nixar

    Going To See Transformers!

    The special effects are mindblowing, but they could have put more effort on the story