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  1. Great scan, love the Saints Row 2 page spanning insert. Thanks for lining that one up perfect as they made it tricky on that one.
  2. Great scan, you even cleaned up that bent corner on cover. Thanks for scanning!
  3. Thanks @dablais for scanning these so quick
  4. Excellent, I also just obtained Issue 05, I need to update the spreadsheet as sending that one over to dablais this week. Do you have any others?
  5. Great to see this being added, the scans that were out there elsewhere for anything prior to 2011 were of varied quality. How many years do you have? I have the 1988-89 ones I have to scan.
  6. For all the fans of hard cover books https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xboxera/xboxera-2nd-print-run-celebrating-20-years-of-xbox/description Make sure to pledge before 3/32 if interested. Wish they also so one for X360 Era
  7. Completed, Nice Work! Thanks
  8. What do you all use? I ordered the below on Amazon and it worked for first 20 mags and now cant even cut all way thru and pulls mag at end. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003D6JQ62 Thinking of taking blade out to see if it can be sharpened at sharpening services.
  9. Dont forget also the great Nintendo focused OutofPrintArchive
  10. Thanks again for all the scanning of these. You are so quick yet quality is still fantastic.
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