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  1. This weekend I will be working with my new V600 and compare that to ScanSnap ADF scanners and provide some examples. I had a Canon 9000 that died on me but it was fantastic in quality of scans, but it just would not power up one day.
  2. What did you end up getting and what settings are working out (Office, Pro mode, etc). I just got this scanner too, but most pages I will scan with my ix-1500 ADF since I am going to debind but for some of the nicer hi-res graphic game preview sections and cover, I am using the V600.
  3. MigJmz is your 120 and 125 in pretty good condition? I ask as the this person on eBay that I bought the missing ones from sent them very well packed and they are in really good condition. So thinking of obtaining his 120 and 125 issues if we need them, that is, copies we have to scan are not in great shape. Let me know and if needed I will pull the trigger on those 2 as well.
  4. This might be nice one to pick up if your in the UK had the lowdown on the PS3 release https://www.ebay.com/itm/353974842000?epid=1413662034&hash=item526a8b7290:g:cI0AAOSwrKNf8wvK
  5. I just got my V600 Epson scanner for scanning front covers, so by this weekend I should have working full setup and be able to go thru workflow of scanning and post cleanup on several computer "Boot" mags. I should be able to then scan the PSMs from eBay when they arrive. I would also be willing to help more on PSM scans. I have a ton of Game Informer's I have obtained as well, I know those don't share here, but wanted these for my personal collection scanned even though I have online sub via Gamestop. But I can hold off on those. Would really love to scan 113, 114, 120 and 125 as keen to read those.
  6. Example PSM3 https://www.ebay.com/itm/115324679022?hash=item1ad9e2f36e:g:8AsAAOSwujZiSHd1 So shipping to me is $33 and mags only $26. If someone in UK can obtain would be willing to donate to obtain for preservation.
  7. I have obtained PSM 121, 123, 128, 129 and possibly also 130. The PSM3 on eBay as just to expensive for US ship and more then mags themselves. Which is shame as I would have been will to pick these up as many have more modern PS3/PS4 games. Maybe someone in UK would have better access to these I am hoping.
  8. I know this is old post, but if still interested I ran across this on ISSUU site https://issuu.com/gabrielvaldivia/docs/egm
  9. Sounds good I will hold off then til I see what you all have missing or need ones in better shape perhaps. But I will go ahead and snag the PSM3 then.
  10. Thanks will give these a try. I only have Photoshop Elements but I think actions from main PS work in them also. Otherwise might have to break out my old Photoshop v7. What version are these from?
  11. Do you still need these to complete your scans of Game Informer?
  12. Really enjoying the PSM scans. So wanted to see if I can contribute, but before I acquire wanted to ensure someone did not have a stash of these lying around. I think I saw couple forum posts that mentioned sometime the database is not updated to indicate if already acquired so want to double check before click the buy button as these are not cheap. Was going to focus on 133 onward and also to obtain PSM3 ones as well. Hoping to find holy grail last PSM3 Issue 161 as really want to read that one. Found some on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/134055879156?hash=item1f365a61f4:g:HMsAAOSw9eZiMhjC https://www.ebay.com/itm/234114664223?hash=item368252471f:g:6uQAAOSwksFhBqNa https://www.ebay.com/itm/203765267745?hash=item2f715b3d21:g:hKoAAOSwJhRhxy8z
  13. matrixman

    PSM3 Issue 161 (January 2013)

    Looks like great final issue. Wish I could get me hands on this but in the US and mostly only see it on UK ebay
  14. I also have issues 2 and 21 and just scanned these this week. I will start doing post on them over weekend. I also have the ones from ckeck I got from reddit links. But I noticed nothing is uploaded to the database.
  15. Great post and thanks. I had similar issues, but the basement is going to be finished this year and I just have no where to store my collectibles. Just too much over the years. Some game magazines, but mostly computer and movie ones. Boot and MaximumPC were my cherished ones that I did not want to cut/debind. But I just gave in and started. My office is now boxes upon boxes, but I work from home so hoping to get myself to do at least 1-2 magazines a day. I wish there were more sites like this for other types of magazines like computer and film/movie but alas the Internet Archive is closest to that.
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