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  1. 94 downloads

    Beckett Pokemon Collector Issue 005 (January 2000) The 5th issue of the first volume of this magazine run. Was also the last issue of this volume.
  2. 141 downloads

    Beckett Pokémon Collector Issue 001 (September 1999) *1 page half missing*
  3. Cover of Beckett Pokemon Magazine Issue 1 (September 1999)
  4. Awesome thanks for the information!
  5. Hey all, I'm new around here and have a reasonable amount of the beckett pokemon collector magazines and have been slowly scanning them into pdfs. If they were uploaded how would they be categorized? I ask this as while they do contain unique information regarding the pokemon video game franchise, the focus is more on the topic of pokemon in general, i.e. the trading card game, the show, or collectables.
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