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  1. Duck Hunt On The Daily Show

    ROFL! Ahhh Duck Hunt, what memories....however, it should be noted that "peppered" is a common term (and a common accident) in association with shotgun hunting, just to save face for the female witness. heh heh...
  2. What Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Me & My Katamari, Tetris DS, & soon to be Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code...the handheld route. I've lost access to my consoles for a bit now until my husband finishes Kingdom Hearts 2!
  3. It's Sooo Big

    This is what happens when you try to legalize your rom collection!! ...looks like my father-in-law's record collection... However, NES boxes filed nicely on the floor? How would you get to anything there?
  4. Which Game Systems Do You Own?

    Consoles: Com 64 (technically a computer, I know) Atari 2600 & 7800 Colecovision Sega Master System x2 Nintendo x2 (front & top loading) Genesis/Sega CD Super Nintendo Saturn PS1 Japanese TurboGrafX N64 Dreamcast PS2 PS2 Japanese Gamecube w/ GBA player XBOX Handhelds: Gamegear GBA SP Nintendo DS PSP A dangerous hobby, gaming.......
  5. Laser Tag, Anyone?

    Ooh, I used to play laser tag all the time when I lived in So Cal. There was a great inexpensive place with tunnels and balconies, etc. But I also prefer paintball. It's all about the splatter!
  6. South Park Scientology Episode Banned!

    Exactly...when Christians felt offended by the tasteless jokes and foul-mouthed representation of Jesus in countless episodes no one cared one bit. That's some nerve to get worked up over a single Scientology episode. I notice Cruise's spokespeople said "He never said any such thing about 'Mission: Impossible 3." Perhaps an implication that they simply got the reference wrong as to what he was refusing to support? And silent childbirth? Somehow I have a feeling that idea was cooked up by a man. See how quiet he can be when someone tries to shove a grapefruit through a certain orafice on his body! Yeow...
  7. Dell to Buy Alienware?

    It depends on how much Dell would want to personally affect Alienware's products. Dell is known for making it nearly impossible to upgrade your system (the one my brother purchased has major parts permanently adhered to the motherboard). I wouldn't buy an Alienware system (too pricey for me when I could just build one), but they have excellent products and a bold concept that I would hate to see compromised by Dell's need to make you keep buying a new comp every time you want to addon.
  8. Looking For A New Bittorrent Client

    Depending on how much involvement you want with the program, I recommend BitTornado. It has plenty of speed options and allows you to take just the files you want from batch torrents. I've had no problems with properly setup downloads hampering others. Plus, I've not come across a site yet that has banned its use. Also, I second the thought on Azureus. It used so much memory I got to where I only used it to create torrents. Now I just use MakeTorrent for that and rid myself of Azureus altogether.
  9. Usb Gamepads

    Retro makes great stuff, but their Atari adapters aren't compatible with the paddles. Has anyone found a site that has some info on how to connect them functionally? Even with a Slikstik controller, there's really nothing like Circus with the original Atari paddles.
  10. Recommended Emulators

    Everyone seems to be using Snes9x...I really have always preferred ZSNES. Maybe I should check out the newest update on 9x. Hmm...
  11. PIN Scandal 'Worst Hack Ever'

    Who that heard it could forget? Unfortunately, the wonder that is technology has a tendancy to cascade forward at a rate that challenges anyone to keep up: programmers, digital artists, debuggers, etc. In millions of lines of code, that one weak link tends to be much easier exploited than found and fixed (until it's too late). I know the Citibank affair is more in-depth than this, but it still basically comes down to hackers advancing on decryption and data theft technology before the involved parties can (or realize they should) make a change in their software, databases, or policies.
  12. Best Retro Console?

    It's really SNES, without a doubt. Yes, NES saved the industry, but SNES improved it so much. As everyone has said, just look at the games. Some of the greatest ideas and programming in gaming history. Link to the Past is still my favorite Zelda game, and Super Metroid...well, nothing comes close.