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  1. As far as action movies go this one was excellent to see on the big screen! I had a few minor problems with the movie, but overall it was good enough to where I walked out of the movie theater wishing my car could transform!
  2. The quickest way, and the way that I clean my keyboard is to just turn it on its side with the keys facing slightly downward, and just bang it on the stand that holds it Gets a lot of the crap out, and is good if you're lazy like me and don't wanna remove all the keys and deep clean it.
  3. Visual Boy Advance is definetely the best for GB Roms. I'd go with ZSNES. I really haven't tried the other SNES emulators, and I don't need to because ZSNES has given me 0 problems; and I've played quite a few games on it. For N64 I would get both Project 64 and 1964. No N64 emulator is perfect as of yet, so if a rom doesn't work on Project 64, it should work fine on 1964 and vice versa. And I will also recommend you use
  4. It's to bad they're quitting the GB hardware... I never got into the DS, as I barely have enough free time to play my Wii. Good thing I have ROMs RIP Game Boy...
  5. Hey I'm David and I've been a fan of games from the 90s - particularly SNES and Sega Genesis, and eventually N64 and PSX. It's what I grew up on.