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  1. So while this was pending approval I noticed the cover is in the database but listed as issue #2 from 1991. Above I have the full magazine and you can see the date on the bar code is Fall of 1990 which should change the other issues I assume.
  2. Hi, I think I saw the Spring 1991 issue of Super Gaming by EGM uploaded here and labeled as the first issue, but I have this fall 1990 one that would pre-date it. I actually just sold it and thought I would check if it was archived anywhere. Admittedly I only quickly googled before scanning so if I missed it I apologize. Low res cover is attached here, and link to the scanned pages is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tbj3bc9085r4jcj/AABJCI-WgK4zRT0zPmKkUi9Za?dl=0
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