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  1. Retromags Map!

    wow that map thing rules! so i added myself i think... anyways cool feature!
  2. Usb Gamepads

    i got a cheapo logitec gamepad and nyko fan gamepad but fan never worked
  3. Looking For A New Bittorrent Client

    utorrent and azureus for me
  4. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    softmodded ps2 and xbox... chips are hard to install for me
  5. Snes Cart Lable Scan

    thx for that link m8
  6. Going To See Transformers!

    great movie seen it twice waiting on a sequel...
  7. Bluray And Hd-dvd

    there just way to expensive for my tastes... until i win one i guess ill go with out
  8. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    hello all im new and just want to see what the site is all about] and nice to meet ya all