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  1. yes, volume 177 has 4 different covers, there are a few issues with multiple any case, good work so far...! I have already put together a bunch of missing posters, etc from the big torrent, which is basically over 200 pages worth...!, posters, inside covers, back covers, front covers, and so on...if I can implement your scans into this set as will go a long way in minimizing any confusion of a "fix" to the big set!
  2. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    well MBJ, keep in mind, fusoya scanned over 25+ issues in the "big", you might want to think reconsider your comment of telling him to go buy issues on highly doubt you've scanned over 20 issues yourself.. as for myself...I bought all 200 issues on ebay! I was pretty determined to have everything from the get go, in the event that any bs came up...
  3. feel free to scan any of the posters that I haven't gotten to as of yet...I don't plan on getting to them anytime soon, since I need to catch up on real issues again! volumes 148-176 will take at least a month or so to do! again, the posters missing are... 08=dont have at all 90=dont have at all 92=dont have at all 177 178 179 180 181 182 184 185 186 187 189 192 193 194 195 196 200 just u2u me with your progress... thanks for reading...
  4. My Nintendo Power Scan Status...

    just an update to my status again... I have now added fun club vol 3 to my set...its complete, and someone was kind enough to digitally cam pics of the pages for me...for a small paypal fee of course! in any case,,,my posters left to scan now are... Missing Posters 08=dont have at all 90=dont have at all 92=dont have at all 177 178 179 180 181 182 184 185 186 187 189 192 193 194 195 196 200 as you can see, I completed quite a few of these today in my spare time...I next plan to start scanning volumes 148-176, as those are more important to me after the fact that ive gotten the majority of posters out of the way, before vol 148! just those 3 pesky posters I am completely missing hold me sure to u2u me if you can obtain or scan the vol 8, 90, or 92 posters!
  5. sorry I didnt notice your post earier...ive actually, already scanned a bunch of missing posters it stands, the ones I have to scan are... Missing Posters 08=dont have at all 90=dont have at all 92=dont have at all 177 178 179 180 181 182 184 185 186 187 189 192 193 194 195 196 200 at least you got some practice, though! u2u me if you happen to scan any of the above ones...I won't be doing these for quite some time now..I plan on scanning volumes 148-176 next!
  6. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    be sure to read my post in help and suggestions concerning the status of what is missing from the big torrent! *** Edit by MBJ 5:53 PM EST 5/24/06: The post that this message refers to can be found HERE. ***
  7. My Nintendo Power Scan Status...

    currently around 70 percent of the scans within the mass torrent that is posted were scanned by me... now then...I am also filling in the blanks, one by one scanning missing issues as well as any posters that weren't included in the torrent... I really need the posters for the following issues... 08=dont have at all 90=dont have at all 92=dont have at all you can either aim me at KMFDManic or email me at KMFDManic ...anyone helping with these 3 above posters will get a few unreleased scans from me...! as far as what I still have left to it is in a summary... magazine gaps 148-176 183 188 190 191 197 198 199 poster gaps Missing Posters 08=dont have at all 90=dont have at all 92=dont have at all 177 178 179 180 181 182 184 185 186 187 189 192 193 194 195 196 200 note, the posters are not very hard to do at all, it typically takes me 2-3 minutes per issue to do the front and for the issues, that can take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours each since I always do them manually and carefully...I generally do one-two issues a day... so, then, many of you are enjoying the massive torrent of issues that come from the scanners... 420 Dstry420 fusoya KMFDManic=me, of course! Phillyman so, lend a small hand in filling the blanks on these posters I need...again, volumes 8, 90, and 92! and, it will be most I said, I will personally hand you some great unreleased scans for the help... since this message is longer than I intended...aim again is KMFDManic email again is looking forward to any response!
  8. was randomly searching torrent sites, and came across close to a dozen guides...ill give you the filenames of a few of the better ones, which you should have no difficulty locating on 1. Video Games The Ultimate Guide (this thing rocks..its massive at over 400 pages!!! and covers well over 1000 games) 2. Super Mario 64 Totally Unauthorized Guide 3. PS2 Games Preview Guide 4. Official Super NES Game Guide 5. Breath of Fire III Strategy Guide 6. Chrono Cross Guide enjoy! if you know of any other interesting guides, please link to them..thanks! Note: I also found a Super Mario RPG guide, but, its not very well seeded, so may prove difficult to is in flash format, within an exe...any of you know how to possibly extract the jpgs from within? I would rather this be a standalone archive than a crappy flash video that is annoying to zoom in on for every page...
  9. yes, I have the posters to 10, 11, and 15, but not 8
  10. Strategy Guides

    you know, I made a post a few weeks ago, offering to send the final fantasy guide to whoever aims aim name is KMFDManic , go figure...I also have the final fantasy 3 and 7 guides.
  11. need the front and backs of the posters and maps for volumes 90 and 92, message me if you can reward, I will send you an issue or two of your choice between the numbers of 1-200, already scanned and in cbr format for your enjoyment...
  12. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    well, 420, lego my ego:)
  13. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    well, by taking the gentleman approach, you've made it to my good side...
  14. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    I don't waste all my freetime solely scanning...I spend no more than 1-2 hours a day, maybe a 3-4 days a week scanning...and, once I am done with Nintendo Powers, that will be that...I won't ever turn the scanner on again...My goals were simply to get a good digital collection of Mad Magazines as well as Nintendo Powers for Mad Magazines volumes 1-400 have been on torrent for well over 2 years now...surprisingly, none of the torrents are dead...they are all still up and running! I shared all of those freely...I am likely to do the exact same thing when I complete this set...But, asking for help is something I felt worth trying since I am so close to completing my "final" scan forever:) I work a fulltime job, and some...third shift at a printing press, daytimes as a computer tech...and, of course the majority of my freetime is spent playing basketball, a real-life physical activity...I can hardly stand to be in front of a monitor for more than a couple hours a day...There are people who play MMORPGS nonstop 24/7...I am glad to not be one of them! You obviously aren't unintelligent zttfan, because you didn't resort to cheap tactics like those of lower intelligence normally would, such as calling me stupid-head or such:) So, I give you props for maintaining yourself throughout the pointless argument, and bid farewell as I jump off of this sinking ship before I drown...
  15. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    well whenever philly is up to it, he can release almost every volume up to 50 and beyond...but, with the attitude some people around here have...why bother! people would rather insult someone like me who has actually put in hundreds of hours scanning, negating all my work by saying I imagined I scanned them is exactly why I sent my scans to only those I felt deserved them...those who have them actually put in some scan time, themselves as well...if anyone would have actually given a damn..and helped a little with the gap I had, volumes 146-176...they, too, would have gotten a ton of scans from me, like philly and a few others have! but, as we know, complainers arent doers! and, 420, you already know ive offered you scans in the just don't like the concept of using aim or as for zttfan, before you make accusations that I imagined scanning all my magazines, why not ask philly about them, to only confirm you've made a grave error in judgment... if the people around these parts learn to better behave...and, even learn the meaning of the words "seed" and "teamwork", you might see some more scans get released on torrent...obviously, if people are just gonna hit and run on torrents, philly has absolutely no incentive to post future issues...You need to try to give a little of what you get... I personally don't mind a good its healthy...the loser is the one who gets disturbed and does not have the ability to have fun trying to bring across their point... and, I already stated I possess every nintendo power magazine in the set, I popped out a couple hundred+ bucks for the set...It is just a highly tedious, painstaking task spending 2 or so hours on each and every issue...posting my message for other users who are on these forums also for the purpose of obtaining scans, was not in the wrong...and, noone can possibly argue with that... you have so much hot air in your head, why not use it to scan some more...! at least I am scanning pages as I type..what are you doing, fiddling with your prick to porn? stop doing the prick diddling so much, maybe you'd know another language like spanish russian or japanese... if you want to continue arguing, don't be so sterile about it...try to be funny at least..I need a good laugh... in any case, I have already made my point about how to most easily obtain my a that really so much to is that possibly a handout...after all, most of you guys already have over 20 of my scans on your harddrive:)