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  1. Usb Gamepads

    I use retrousb's chips as well to mod my old console controllers into usb gamepads. It really adds to the feeling of old when playing emulators on your pc.
  2. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    There are few places I go without my psp with Dark Alex's firmware running all my emulators. I don't even own any psp games, as I'm more into classic gaming. With emulation ranging from atari 2600 up to N64, it's awesome. I also have a gba flash cart with emulators as well. Mobile gaming is fun
  3. Nintendo Power Shutting Down?

    I agree, it hasn't felt the same in a long time. I remember opening the 1st issue and being so excited as a kid knowing all these neat tricks to these very popular games. Back then, around here at least, there was only Nintendo. Everyone had one, and if you knew the tricks and tips, you were the man. That was when I was 8 or so. Now, with all these new systems, and the internet, I can see why Nintendo Power wouldn't be as "powerful" as it once was. But it would still be a shame to see it go.
  4. [tribute] Nintendo Power

    The Nerd is classic. I love the Nintendo Power theme performed by Kyle Justin as well. I did a couple videos on my livevideo account running through some power mags, and it brought back memories just as this did.
  5. Sony Psp Peripherals

    I believe a keyboard would be most useful, but only if it would mount below the psp. But that would cover the speakers. Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone released some external speakers specially made for the psp to increase its volume. That thing is LOW.