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  1. Interesting Random Web Stuff Awesome place for finding out about some obscure games
  2. Haha, has anyone seen new the Penny-Arcade comics about how bad Lair is? Hardcore comedy right there
  3. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    I've had a modded PSX which got a ridiciously awesome amount of play time. I've gone through two modded PS2s, which is quite saddening. Thankfully my GP2X with TV out provides all the gaming related entertainment I need now
  4. Guitar Hero Ii (80's Rock)

    The song selection is what prevented me from wanting this, too much hair metal. There's some heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Accept, and punk like X and Dead Kennedys, but that's about it for me. Be nice to see some bands like Pixies, Galaxie 500, Sodom, Replacements, etc. etc.
  5. Playing Final Fantasy

    Yeah, I've played through FFI several times. Beat it twice on the NES, with an all white mage party on the second run, and once on the PSX remake of it.