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  1. Whats Stopping You?

    o.O agree with who?
  2. Whats Stopping You?

    I don't own a scanner right now. But it's almost there, it's almost there.. =)
  3. Ebay Usernames Field

    Someone's bidding on this? Well, seller denied international shipping... =/ Someone needing contribution via PayPal may ask... =)
  4. Yeah!!! But not really here... I mean... in another thread... right? XD
  5. What Part Of The World Do You Live?

    Brasil, South America. =)
  6. Favorite Music

    hmm... I like Natalie Imbruglia, Mai Kuraki, Chandeen, Utada Hikaru, Garbage, Epica, Cocteau Twins, The Gathering, After Forever, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Sade... Game music and anime music too... ^^'
  7. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    24 Hours (don't know the name in US) Lost (soon)
  8. I don't like coffee... I drink it sometimes when I want something warm to drink. But that's unusual... And I drink coffee ONLY with milk. Almost everything I drink is cold.. o.O
  9. Anyone Else On Here Watch Anime?

    Yeah! I like, but really don't watch much... The last I've watched was Elfen Lied. My favorites are from Gainax, Clamp and Pioneer. These new ones, like Naruto, Bleach and Death Note I'm not planning to watch soon... I don't watch that much mainly because I don't like downloading from fansubbers, cause sometimes the subtitles are badly translated... But, the licensed ones (and here we don't get many) are a bit expensive for me to buy... (And I'm buying a lot of games lately, so I'm pushing the animes away.. ) ^^'
  10. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hi! I'm Rogue, from Brazil, Belo Horizonte. I'm more on collecting games than magazines, but I really enjoy reading these old mags, mainly Saturn and N64 ones... ^^
  11. Foreign Mag Scans

    Are the swedish magazines available? Anyone interested in brazilian magazines? =D
  12. Retromags Map!

    I'm from Brasil, MG, BH. ^^ Nice. =)
  13. hehe, pretty cool! I'm not into mods, but that looked interesting. Half Life makes me dizzy... o.O
  14. Which Magazine Next?

    Sega Saturn Magazine. Or the Dreamcast one... ^^