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  1. Getting ready to draw, but have a question for you. What does YOUR favorite Batman look like? As in, who's drawn the most amazing batman you've ever seen? I need inspiration.

  2. Fedex conversation:Woman: "They dont look up addresses. You gosta have their information."Man: "That's some BULLshit. You tell dem to send it to my daddy house."

  3. Tax return: $1,126. Whew. Hoping for a successful Megacon (and possible Tampa Bay Comic Con later in the year). I'm almost in the clear.

  4. Weird ass fact: The origin of Man-Thing predates Swamp Thing by one month. (May 1971)

  5. Wow. So Dead Space 3 isn't even officially out yet, the ending's been leaked, and we're already hearing the rumblings by fans of EA screwing over another great game series....That's because EA is a company that produces a product. They have evolved from Trip Hawkins' fun little company of a few programmers that enterprised the idea of creating Software Entertainment, into a corporate machine that will shovel out whatever sequel to whatever tired idea (Dead Space IS System Shock 2 missing...

  6. Well, I just read it, and I think I'll stick around for a bit.

  7. I'm totally over stormtrooper armor, boba fett costumes, and Spartan armor at conventions. Please do not get me started on anyone wearing Umbrella corporation armor, as well. 'JoeRages1981' Tuesday continues.

  8. I wonder why the Playstation Store doesn't have GTA: Vice City yet. Perhaps it knows i'm excited to play it, and Sony doesn't want me to have nice things.

  9. I'm not even a huge Zelda fan, but Hyrule Historia looks awesome.

  10. Sad fact: NOW that's what i call MUSIC! is up to 45. NOW that's what i call bullshit.

  11. Today was one of the hardest experiences in my entire life.

  12. Been watching a lot of documentaries on North Korea lately. It's sunshine and optimism at Experimental Solitary Habitation Cube.

  13. "Yes, but can be made to play Super Baseball 2020 for Neo-Geo?" seems to be a common theme of questioning in all my consumer electronics purchases these days.

  14. Oh, my big announcement that i left you hanging about? I may be writing a possible weekly column for So yeah. That's cool. I'm sure the details are still in the works on that, but i'll let you know. The good lord knows you people can stand to see more of my words on a screen.

  15. You know what? I don't even care if Abrams is directing episode VII.