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  1. Mine used to be J?germeister, but since my stomach has severe problems I had to switch to whiskey with a lot of ice and water, which is euqally good. And of course beer in every color and taste, ecepxt for the bitter ones.
  2. The first half of the movie is just perfect and the special effects are brilliant. But near the end the action gets way to fast, you can't see half of what is happening. And the bossfight is way to fast over, I mean, come on...
  3. Except for the Xbox 360 and the Saturn all my system are modded. Even though I have an extensive collection of backups, my tendency goes to buying more and more original games, even for the older vintage systems. When you're young, you to many stupid things with a lack of money and so many games you want to play.
  4. Woohoo, nice job. I got myself killed even before introducing myself... The internet need more pages like this, even though there are a couple around. I'm 30 years old and still a very active gamer. Me has over 20 consoles, retro and new, and more than 150 games. Looking forward to what this page has to offer.