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  1. Wii Virtual Console

    Thor I did the same myself, I still have a few systems, but I have every game I've ever wanted emulated...from arcade games to every console...it sure saves time to have it all in one place...I just turn on my MAME cap and bam!..it's all there......
  2. Sega Visions Dates Suck!

    Man that is a crazy way of numbering...sega sure knew how to make games, but mags....well the numbering part sucked....
  3. Retromags Map!

    I'm from Mississippi...in the ole U.S.A....Way deep in the south..
  4. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    I saved them over the years,I had subscriptions..but there were a few issues I lost or missed..so I got the rest off ebay............
  5. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    I loved Gamefan...my favorite magazine of all time....I have every issue and it cost me dearly.. :blush: