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  1. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    They ran from the early 90s to 2000. Dave Halverson was the man behind it all (its said he even reviewed games as multiple people from time to time). It started out as a catalog for DieHard Gamefan stores in California before morphing into a magazine. The magazine was great and unlike any other because of the focus it had on import gaming and the fact that it was run by enthusiasts and not just journalists. Around the 98 - 99 timeframe Eric Mylonas took over when the mag was bought by a larger company. That didnt last (alot of turmoil went on from what I understand) and he started an even more hardcore mag called GameGo! which in turn lasted 1 issue. He works on strategy guides now. Dave Halverson moved on to Gamers Republic Magazine for about 3 - 4 years (Id have to look) and currently he runs Play magazine. I have an almost complete collection of Gamefans and have often thought of scanning them but because of the unusual binding shape it would be hell on them and I dont want to mess them up. Anyway prob more info then anyone needs but I did love that magazine so.
  2. Help Fight Diseases

    True. All distributed computing software uses un-used cpu cycles so it doesnt disturb anything your doing.
  3. I suppose I could make a comment about Sony needing to get a PSP rootkit together before the release this content but Ill just keep from being cocky and say that this doesn't shock me at all. Sony is way too overzealous when it comes to DRM.
  4. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    Back in the day when I was all about imports (around the SNES - Mega Drive - PS1 - Saturn timeframe) I would mod my stuff to play them. Nowadays I just import the system if there are any games worth getting. Currently this generation the only imports I seem to pick up are handheld so I just dont need to do either at the moment.
  5. Sony Psp Peripherals

    The camera has been out in Japan for awhile and its not bad quality wise. Interestingly enough, there will also be a TV tuner in Japan for the PSP later this month. In Japan the PSP has gone the gadget route much more then here it seems, at the moment anyway.
  6. Nintendo Power Shutting Down?

    I admit this is depressing. I started with the Nintendo fun club news letters (the Zelda cover one was my first issue) and was with Nintendo Power from issue 1, it was hands down was my fav magazine as a child. I agree that of late the magazine has gone south with a complete lack of enthusiasm that you used to get in those heady early days. Now I feel like I gotta dig up my Nintendo Power hat pin.