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  1. Heh, I like gamespot's version: Hopefully it's soo- Miyamoto tried so hard - we just barely got that confirmation
  2. Not a very interesting conference for me but I see what Nintendo is doing. The whole conference was planned with the mainstream media in mind. This should have been expected, they did something similar last year and in addition to that they have since made it clear that they are no longer going to announce games as far ahead of their release dates as they used to. Still, I expected at least one more new game to be announced... They're supposed to be having an additional private conference in a little while, so maybe something will be announced there - you know, smash brothers style.
  3. What Interests You?

    Of that list, probably GamePro. But I'd really like some GameFan, Computer and VideoGames (UK), and GamesMaster (also UK)... any of those would be real nice... Also, I'm really mainly intrested in the SNES era stuff.
  4. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    I posted a review, this is me: (They already had siddiqui taken... and siddiqui1... hmm. But 9 will do.) It's kind of dissapointing that the review doesn't show up in any way on the main page though... odd.